reverse bucket list (100+ ideas)

Got married


Went cliff jumping

Traveled out of the country

Went horse back riding on the beach

Visited a to a nude beach  (yes, it was weird lolll)

Saw the White House

Went winter tubing


Went snowboarding

Went water skiing

Went water tubing

Took a self defense class

Built our dream home (almost!)

Been to 26 US States

(Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana,  Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, & Hawaii).

Been to 3 Countries

(USA, Canada, & Mexico)

Made a snow angel

Went skinny dipping

Enjoyed an alcoholic beverage on a rooftop bar

Donated $ to a cause I care about

Volunteered for a cause I care about

Visited NYC

Been to an NFL Football Game

Been to a MLB Baseball Game

Dyed my hair funky colors

Had a New Years Eve kiss

Took Pictures in a photo booth

Got a tattoo x2

Made a snowman


Went kayaking in the ocean (this was so difficult and I got so seasick I almost puked lolll)

Paid for a strangers Starbucks order

Walked across The Golden Gate Bridge

Went to a drive in movie theater

Visited The Grand Canyon

Donated blood (to get out of class in high school lolll)

Went to a wax museum

Saw the Nutcracker Ballet

Saw my favorite band OF ALL TIMES (Modest Mouse) play live

Picked fresh food from a U-Pick Farm

Snapseed (1)

Got a henna tattoo

Had a palm reading

(I was like 7 when I did this at a renaissance fair and the lady told me I was gonna die young like wtf says that to a child I was permanently damaged emotionally FOR YEARS over that loll I’m obviously over it now)

Gambled in Las Vegas (lost it all baby, the $20 I spent lolll)

Attended a beer festival

Went tea tasting

Drank moonshine

Ate at a food truck

Went wine tasting

Haggled at a market

Experienced a white Christmas

Pulled an all nighter

Won A prize off a radio Show

Tipped the Server 100% of the bill amount

Taught a class

Went fly fishing

Went ice skating

Shot a gun

Went paddle boarding

Took a yoga class

Visited a beach with BLUE ASS WATER


Drove a speed boat

Kiss in the rain

Witnessed a partial Solar Eclipse

Saw the sunset

Saw the sunrise

Flew in a helicopter

Flew in an airplane

Rode on a jetski

Rode in a cable car

Went tubing down a river

Went stargazing in the mountains

Got a pet


Went on a spontaneous road trip

Booked a flight to a random destination the week of

Explored a cave

Went on a ferris wheel

Rode a roller coaster

Fell in love (still am lol)

Had a professional photo shoot with my spouse

Went to Disneyland

Went camping

Climbed to the top of a lighthouse

Visited a butterfly sanctuary

Cleaned up all the garbage in my neighborhood

Started a blog

Got a piercing

Witnessed a lighting storm

Witnessed a meteor shower

Received a love letter

Reconnected with an old friend

Saw the Statue of Liberty

Picked fruit from a U-pick farm

Have a journal

Climbed Mt. Rainier

Visited the Gum Wall in Seattle

Visited the original Starbucks in Seattle

Went up in the Space Needle

Relaxed in a hammock

Visited the Hollywood walk of fame

Saw the Hollywood sign

Got my drivers license

Had a romantic dinner on the beach

Ran through a sprinkler in summertime

Walked through a field of Sunflowers


Had braces (fuck my life lollll that sucked)

Attended a Broadway Show

Made smores over a campfire

Took a hot yoga class (literally hated it)

Visited Grand Teton National Park

Visited Yellowstone National Park

Visited Glacier National Park

Danced to live country music in a Texas dive bar

Witnessed the birth of a child

Partied on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Listened to my grandparents life stories

Stayed in a cabin in the woods for a weekend

Got a professional massage

Had a snowball fight

Took a self defense class

Camped on the beach


Rode on a motorcycle